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[12 Jul 2014|12:15am]
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Monday June 27, 2011 7:49AM [27 Jun 2011|05:53am]
Addie, get up! Come entertain me. I've been up forever already. The birds outside my window won't shut up and woke me up at 5:01 this morning. Come get breakfast with me. Then we could rent a movie. Though I might nap...just saying.
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Tuesday June 15, 2010 2:55am EST [15 Jun 2010|02:55am]
So the E3 conference. I have to say I am quite impressed by what I am seeing so far. The new xbox 360 design is sexy. Very, very sexy. It is beginning to ship this week or next. I am envious! I want one now. I also want Rockband 3. They are going to have a Pro mode and the guitar will have more than a hundred buttons. Pretty awesome. I'm waiting for more news on Gears of War and Black Ops.

Meanwhile, Dad keeps yelling at me. Keeps telling me to get off my xbox and start figuring out colleges. My response? Turn my music up until I can't hear him anymore. I still have no clue where to go or what I even want to study. This is kind of bad, isn't it?
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Sunday May 30, 2010 1:44PM EST [30 May 2010|01:52pm]
I cannot wait for summer. I'm tired of school and getting up early. And homework. I am so very tired of homework. I want to lounge around and be lazy. Addie, what are your plans for summer??? And I think we should really figure out this college situation. My dad won't leave me alone about it. And since you refuse to just make the decision.... ;)

Well, anyway, I'm off to a bbq and I plan to eat a bunch of food! And no school tomorrow! This is awesome!
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[13 Feb 2010|01:13am]
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